The gut-hormone connection


Did you know that your gut bacteria or flora help regulate your hormones, especially estrogen?

Your gut microbiome has far reaching effects.

Signs of a gut – hormone imbalance are




• Stomach/ digestive upset

•Constipation or IBS


•Gut infections


•Heavy, light, or irregular periods

•Hot flashes

•Low libido

•Mood swings

•Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)


•Tender, swollen, and/or fibrocystic breasts

•Weight gain

If  your gut isn’t healthy then your hormones are not going to be healthy.

An unhealthy gut means estrogen is not metabolised properly and the is can build up in the body and may contribute to estrogen dominant states. This can further lead to more serious condtions such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer, endometrial hyperplasia, endometriosis, fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome, fertility, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cognitive function. (1)


The estrobolome is a collection of these gut microbes that work to metabolise (process / breakdown) estrogens. These microbes produce an enzyme called betaglucaronidase, that switches on estrogen, so it becomes active in the body,

When you have a healthy estrobolome, it will produce the right amount of betaglucaronidase to balance your estrogens. If you have too much betaglucaronidase (which can be caused b the bad gut bacteria), it will increase your estrogen too much. This is associated with estrogen dominance and estrogen dominant conditions, such as heavy and painful menstruation, endometriosis and fibroids.

‘High levels of circulating estrogens from overactive beta-glucuronidase activity could promote cell growth and tumor growth on estrogen-sensitive tissues in the breasts, ovaries, endometrium, and the cervix.’ (2)

When you dont have enough betaglucaronidase it will lower estrogen and reduce the amount of good gut microbes and is linked polycystic ovarian syndrome, cardiovasclar disease, weight gain and osteoporosis.

To improve your Estrobolome balance you can

  • Eat an organic, whole food diet
  • Increase your veggies, especially broccoli and deeply coloured veggies
  • Reduce processed foods and sugar
  • Eat broccoli sprouts or take sulforaphane
  • Reduce or avoid coffee and alcohol
  • Take probiotics and prebiotics in supplements or food
  • Exercise (this increase butyrate, which boosts good gut microbes and reduces inflammation!
  • Reduce endocrine disruptors (ie- plastics, parabens, BPA etc)

Getting you gut right will go a long way to help balance your hormones!

If you are not sure what state your gut is in, or what your betaglucaronidase levels are, you can get tested. If you would like to know how , or need support on your healing journey, please contact me HERE


1- The microboime masterclass,  The Estrobolobiome with Carrie Jones ND

2- Laura Schoenfeld – Is an unhealthy gut causing your estrogen dominance?

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