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Kate has a world of knowledge and is very passionate about our happy and healthy hormones! I’ve learned so much and am still processing all the information we have been given.”


I have been seeing Kate for a few years, so know first hand on her incredible amount of knowledge and experience. My hot flushes were out of control – my fault for not taking full responsibility for my diet. When Kate suggested I join the program, I knew it was time to get myself sorted. The program really got me on track and the 8 week time frame meant I was able to implement changes into my diet and lifestyle. Kate is a fantastic mentor and coach and this program will definitely help you get your life and body back on track.


Kate is extremely knowledgeable and approachable and I recommend her to my friends all the time.

I recently did her program because I am heading into ‘that age’ where hormones can be a problem, and I’ve also had some issues with hormonal acne and headaches. I was blown away with all the information we have at our fingertips when doing the program. Kate is always there to answer questions and support us throughout. I’ve found that after following just some of Kate’s recommendations I am feeling much better. My headaches and skin have most definitely improved. I’m continuing to add more of the recommendations and I am sure my health and symptoms will only improve! Thanks Kate!

If you’re feeling like you might need support to navigate your health and hormones, definitely do Kate’s program, your body will thank you!


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